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How can I set my XW AGS triggers to target 50% discharge?

The AGS start voltage triggers are staggered time parameters that allow for loads to be turned on and off throughout the day. When the XW inverter is powering a load,
 it "pulls" the voltage in the battery down. The larger the load, the more the battery voltage will decrease until the load is removed, then the voltage will "bounce" back up. 
The settings that typically work best to target 50% discharge before the generator starts are as follows :
For 48V system :
30 Sec Start V = 46.5VDC
15 Min Start V = 47.0VDC
2 Hr Start V = 47.5VDC
24 Hr Start V = 48.0VDC 
Divide by 2 for 24V system. Make sure LBCO is at least 2V lower than 30 Sec Start V to avoid nuisance Low Battery warnings. 
NOTE : The new XW+NA models have Start SOC% capability when used with Conext Battery Monitor (RNW865108001).
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