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What is the mechanical interlock for (2) LC1F contactors?

What is the mechanical interlock for (2) LC1F contactors?

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TeSys F-Line Contactors

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For of (2) identical 3 or 4 pole LC1F contactors of the same rating:
With 2 identical contactors Mechanically Interlock Kit Cat. No. 
Horizontal Mounting
LC1F115, or 150 LA9FF970
LC1F185, or 225 LA9FG970
LC1F265, 330, 400, or 500 LA9FJ970
LC1F630, or F800 LA9FL970
Vertically Mounted
LC1F115, or F150 LA9FF4F
LC1F185 or F225 LA9FG4G
LC1F265 LA9H4H
LC1F330 or 400 LA9FJ4J
LC1F630 or F800 LA9FL4L 
LC1F780 (3 POLE) LA9FX970 * 
LC1F7804 (4 POLE)  LX9FX971 * 

*includes double mechanical interlock with (2) mechanical links and 3 power connection bars (LA9FX970), or 4 power connection bars (LA9FX971)

For vertical mounting of 2 contactor of different ratings (with identical or different number of poles) * :
Upper Contactor Lower Contactor  Mechanical Interlock Kit Cat. No
LC1F185/4 or F225/4 LC1F115/4 or 150/4 LA9FG4G
LC1F265/4 or F330/4 LC1F115/4 or F150/4 LA9FH4F
LC1F185/4 or F225/4 LA9FH4G
LC1F400/4 LC1F115/4 OR F150/4 LA9FJ4F
LC1F185/4 OR F225/4 LA9FJ4G
LC1F265/4 OR F330/4 LA9FJ4H
LC1F500/4 LC1F115/4 or F150/4 LA9FK4F
LC1F185/4 or F225/4 LA9FK4G
LC1F265/4 or F330/4 LA9FK4H
LC1F400/4 LA9FK4J
LC1F630/4 or F800 LC1F115/4 or F150/4 LA9FL4F
LC1F185/4 or F225/4 LA9FL4G
LC1F265/4 or F330/4 LA9FL4H
LC1F400/4 LA9FL4J
LC1F500/4 LA9FL4K

* the lower contactor must have an equal or lesser rating 

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