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Why does my XW+NA multi-unit system report F63 when a larger load is applied?

Why does my XW+NA multi-unit system report F63 when a larger load is applied? 

Product Line:
Conext XW+ hybrid inverter/chargers

Systems with two or more units in a master-slave configuration

System is faulting with F63 AC overload when a large load is applied

AC overloads in a multi-unit system are often caused by a single inverter taking on the bulk of the load before the other units are able to respond. It can take a few milliseconds for the load to be distributed amongst the inverters, and one or more of them may overload within this period. Firmware upgrade 2.03 has improved load sharing in the XW+, so it is always recommended that you check your firmware first and upgrade if necessary.

If an inductive load (like a motor or pump) exceeds the surge capacity for a single inverter on startup, it may still cause the master unit to overload before it is able to distribute the load. In these cases, a soft starter or variable frequency drive (VFD) may be needed.

The XW+NA will pass final calibration when the output voltage measures 120VAC +/-3% (116.4VAC-123.6VAC L-N). Normally, you can set the Slave(s) SEARCH setting to "Enable" and the AC voltage differential will not be a factor in contributing to a "phantom load" effect. In some cases it is necessary to restore each unit to factory defaults and reconfigure [make sure to set SEARCH to "Disabled" on the Master and "Enabled" on the Slave(s) afterward]. If the output voltage varies by over 1VAC from one unit to another, it may be necessary to use CnxtCfgToolAI to adjust the output voltages so they match more closely.

In this case, contact Technical Support at (866) 519-1470 and we can set you up with a loaner configuration tool.
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