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My Conext CL-NA shows event 704 AFD selftest fail. What should I do?

This event indicates that the Arc Fault Detector (AFD) in the inverter wiring box was unable to complete it's power on self test.  There are a few probable causes of this message

1) Ensure the inverter is configured for the correct wiring box that is installed with your system.  The AFD only ships in the PVSCL1825NA201 and PVSCL1825NA301 model of wiring box. 
2) Ensure the AFD communications cable is correctly plugged into the communications port of the inverter module. 
3) Upgrade the firmware on your inverter to v 2.04.14 or later. The latest firmware can be found in the downloads section on the product website:

Conext CL
Conext CL-NA 

If the issue persists, please contact your local Schneider Electric customer support office for additional troubleshooting.
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