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Can the XW+NA Inverter/Charger be used in a POS GROUND telecom system?

Yes, the XW inverter/charger will work fine, but ensure connected AC loads themselves do not have any direct connection to the DC supply side.
NOTE THAT SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS MUST BE TAKEN IF MPPT60 is used as well. MPPT60 will require external PVGFI protection since the internal
GFI detection circuit must be disabled when used in a (+) grounded DC battery system.  For MPPT80-600 Battery can be grounded independent of the
PV array grounding. For applications battery is positive grounded, the PV array can still be configured positive-grounded, negative-grounded, or ungrounded
PV systems. The build in PV ground fault protection can still be utilized.
Inverter DC input and AC output are galvanically isolated so the DC side can be ungrounded, negative grounded, or positive grounded in accordance with the
application and applicable electrical codes. 
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