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What are the recommended torque settings for AC/DC connections for the Conext CL-NA grid tie inverter?

Recommended Torque Values for AC/DC connections for the Conext CL-NA

The models with the fuse holders, 200, 201, 300, 301 use a screw connector on the input to the fuse holder.  The recommended torque setting is 3 Nm/ 27 in-lbf.  This is listed on page 2-17 as Fuse holder termination screw.  The 100 bos uses spring cage clamps and does not require any special torque.

All models use spring cage connectors for the AC side.

Please Note:For the units with fuse holders, we do not provide fuses.  Fuses must be selected based on the specific installation.
For calculating the PV fuse rating for a specific PV array installation, refer to the PV panel manufacturer documentation and NEC 690.8 and 690.9 in addition to local electrical installation code. Recommended Fuse: Part number: PV1510F Make: Cooper Bussman Rating:1000 VDC, 15 A.
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