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Replacements for LH, MH, PH and PC DC rated breakers

What is the replacement for obsolescent legacy LH, MH, PH and PC DC rated breakers?

Product Line:
500 Vdc rated circuit breakers for ungrounded UPS applications

The replacement breakers are in the table below.  
Powerpact and Masterpact breakers have different dimensions and options than the breakers they are replacing.  Please use attached materials to support retrofit.
Recommended Replacement for Legacy 500 Vdc Circuit Breakers
Obsolete part number Replacement part number Ampere Rating
LHL3625025DC JGL37250D82 250 A 20 k AIC
LHL3630026DC LGL37030D27 300 A 20 k AIC
LHL3635029DC LGL37035D29 350 A 20 k AIC
LHL3640030DC LGL37040D30 400 A 20 k AIC
MHL3645031DC LGL37045D31 450 A 20 k AIC
MHL3650032DC LGL37050D32 500 A 20 k AIC
MHL3660033DC LGL37060D33 600 A 20 k AIC
MHL3670035DC LGL47070D35 700 A 20 k AIC
MHL3680036DC LGL47080D36 800 A 20 k AIC
MHL3690039DC LGL47090D86 900 A 20 k AIC
MHL36100040DC LGL47100D40 1000 A 20 k AIC
MHL36120040DC LGL47120D42 1200 A 20 k AIC
MHL3645031DCH LLL37045D31 450 A 50 k AIC
MHL3650032DCH LLL37050D32 500 A 50 k AIC
MHL3660033DCH LLL37060D33 600 A 50 k AIC
MHL3670035DCH LLL47070D35 700 A 50 k AIC
MHL3680036DCH LLL47080D36 800 A 50 k AIC
MHL3690039DCH LLL47090D86 900 A 50 k AIC
MHL36100040DCH LLL47100D40 1000 A 50 k AIC
MHL36120040DCHb LLL47120D42 1200 A 50 k AIC
PA/PC DC-  F R A M E   L E G A C Y   P R O D U C T   O F F E R  
P-Frame -  Thermal Magnetic (500Vdc)    
Catalog Number New Masterpact* / PowerPact Ampere Rating  
PAF361200DC LGL47120D42 1200 A 20 k AIC 
PAF361200DC LLL47120D42 1200 A 50 k AIC
PAF361600DC NW16NDC 1600 A 35 k AIC
PAF362000DC NW20NDC 2000 A 35 k AIC
PCF362500DC NW25NDC 2500 A 35 k AIC
*NOTE:  NW breaker model numbers are shown.  Cannot order by model number; must be product selected in Q2C.
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