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What is the part number for the deadfront trim screw used on the NEMA 3R (Outdoor) QO and Homeline load centers?

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The standard deadfront trim screw is part number 4020513001K(bag of 10 screws). This is the 1/2" long screw used for ALL the QO and Homeline NEMA 3R(outdoor) deadfront trims.

 The actual NEMA 3R door/cover mounting screws are different and needs to be obtained from the load center repair parts list FAQ for each load center catalog and series number.

The standard NEMA 1(Indoor) QO and Homeline Cover screws are part number 4020513002K(bag of 10 screws). This is the 3/4" long screw used for ALL the QO and Homeline NEMA 1(Indoor) Covers.

1) The above trim and cover screws are a special triple lead, thread-forming screw that is only available through authorized Square D Distributors and are NOT available at local hardware stores. SEE BELOW VISUAL
2) Both the above 3/4" and 1/2" screws have the exact same thread and can be use for either the NEMA 1(indoor) cover and/or the NEMA 3R(outdoor) Deadfront trim if needed.
3) Square D does NOT offer a cover screw longer than the 3/4".
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