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My Conext CL shows "OFFLINE - PV ON - RPO" and will not produce power

RPO means Remote Power Off and provides external means of shutting down the inverter. 

The remote power off terminals (potential free contact) can be used to turn off the inverter from a far distance with in the site. By default, the RPO option is disabled. This feature is operational, only when the inverter is online and the RPO enable option is configured. The RPO terminals should be connected to a switch which has a normally closed (NC) contact. The inverter can be turned off by opening the contact. The maximum permissible distance for RPO switch from the inverter location should be limited to 30 m. The recommended wire size for RPO switch wiring is 0.33 mm2, 2 wires. • The inverter will not turn ON if the RPO terminals are not wired properly (Normally Closed (NC) configuration) and the RPO enable option is configured from the LCD Settings menu. Home> Settings> Install Settings. • Ensure that there is no break in the RPO terminals.
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