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What is the difference between the SCTK20 and SCTKP20 tunnel kits?

Customer unsure of which part to order

Product Line:

Overhead Tunnel Kit

Recent introduction of a new series of CSED (Combination Service Entrance Device)

The SCTK20 kit is for 20 circuit CSED devices that do NOT have plug on neutral (PON) interiors.  
The SCTKP20 is for newer 20 circuit CSED devices due to having a larger enclosure.

ie - SC12L200F Series M02 will use the SCTK20 - but SC12L200F Series M04 will use the SCTKP20.
Other CSED devices in this size range have had a "P" added to their part number to reflect the change to a larger enclosure, except for the example above.

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