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What counts as a 'point' towards the point count?


What counts as a 'point' towards the server licenses point count?


We often receive the question, "what constitutes a point in the ClearSCADA database". As there is a point count limit in the server license, this is a valid question. The answer can be summed up as follows:

  • any driver point (analog, digital, string or time) (i.e. DNP3, modbus, OPC, etc)
  • Calculation points
  • internal points
  • pager points
  • performance monitor points

The following points do not count towards the points limit in the server license:

  • Accumulator points
  • Parameter objects
  • Time Profile objects
  • Value Map objects
  • Variable objects

This screen shot shows the groups who's points count towards the point count in the license:  

If a user is ever not sure whether a point counts towards the point count in the license, a real time update can be seen in the server status as follows:

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