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What are the Supported Programming Languages in SCADAPack Workbench (IEC 61131-1 for SCADAPack Standard & SCADAPack E)

SCADAPack Workbench supports four standard IEC 61131-3 programming languages. These languages can be mixed within an application to provide an optimum control strategy. The supported programming languages are described below.

Functional Block Diagram (FBD)

The Function Block Diagram is a graphic language used to build complex procedures from a library of functions. Standard library functions such as math and logic may be combined with custom library functions such as serial port control, PID controls and Modbus master and slave protocols to create Function Block Diagram application programs. A class of programs called functions allows the creation of user functions that are not included in the library.

Structured Text (ST)

Structured Text is a high-level structured language, similar to Pascal and C, that is used for complex procedures or calculation that cannot be easily implemented using graphic languages. Structured Text is the default language used to describe actions within the steps of the Sequential Function Chart language.

Ladder Diagram (LD)

Ladder Diagram is a graphic language combining contacts and coils to build logical discrete control procedures. This language is identical to the relay ladder logic used by many programmable Logic RTUs. Ladder Diagram contacts and coils may be used in the Function Block Diagram language for discrete control of functions.

Sequential Function Chart (SFC): (SCADAPack E RTUs CAM5 Only)

The Sequential Function Chart is available for SCADAPack E Target 5 applications. It is a graphic language used to describe sequential operations in a process. The process is graphically partitioned into a set of well-defined steps containing actions performed using other languages. Steps are linked together with conditional transitions. This language is useful for batch processes and process procedures such as automatic startup and shut down.

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