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What are the Key Differences Between ISaGRAF 3.55 and SCADAPack Workbench for SCADAPack Standard CAM3

SCADAPack Workbench is the update to ISaGRAF 3.55 for SCADAPack Standard. Consideration should be taken for programming language changes along with importing ISaGRAF 3.55 projects. Below is a list of key differences for SCADAPack Standard (CAM3) only.

Functional Limitations Associated with this Workbench (6.3) Release

The following items outline limitations and restrictions associated with this release that should be understood by existing users already using the existing Workbench 3.x with target 3.x programs.

IEC 61131-3 Programming Language Support

The new SCADAPack Workbench (WB6) supports the most commonly used programming languages in the 61131-3 suite of languages. The fully supported languages below that may be imported and edited within the new Workbench include:

  • Ladder Diagrams (LD)
  • Function Block Diagrams (FBD)
  • Structured Text (ST)

The following languages are not supported for editing or modification within the new Workbench, however they may be imported from an existing target 3 *.hie project file and then compiled, downloaded, and monitored for debug purposes.

  • Instruction List (IL)
  • Sequential Function Chart (SFC)
  • Flow Chart (FC) - (this is an ISaGRAF specific language that is not part of the IEC 61131-3 standard)

Project Passwords

This feature previously available in Workbench 3.x is not supported in the initial release of the new workbench. If the Workbench 3.x project has been encrypted, each password must be removed from existing target 3.x project file prior to import into the new Workbench. If the project has not been encrypted, any passwords will simply be ignored on import, therefore the resulting project in the new Workbench will not include the passwords.

Upload (reading) of Existing Projects from SCADAPack Controllers

Projects cannot be read from controllers using the SCADAPack Workbench CAM3. Any existing projects must be imported into the new workbench from raw project files (*.hie files) created with Workbench 3.x. If connecting to a SCADApack in the field, the user MUST have a local copy of the solution.

Archived Files (.pia files) are not supported

Archived files are not supported, therefore any existing *.pia files must be restored so that the complete raw project file from Workbench 3.x is available to facilitate import into the new Workbench 6.3.

Import/Export of Function Blocks

The new SCADAPack Workbench does not support import/export of function blocks in the same manner as the legacy Workbench 3.x. In place of the import/export, the functions blocks may be copied from one project to another and you can use dependencies. See "Managing SCADApack Target 3 Libraries" in the SCADAPack technical help documentation for more information.


Support for printing has been updated in the SCADApack Workbench 6.4 release. See "Generate Documentation" in the ACP technical help documentaiton.

Online Programming

Although target 5 programs are supported with the new Workbench for SCADAPack E, the additional functionality associated with Target 5, such as online programming improvements and
nested function blocks, are not available on the SCADAPacks running target 3 programs. Workbench 6.3 supports only CAM3/Target 3 in the standard SCADAPack, and CAM5/Target 5 in the SCADAPack E. For clarification, a table is included below showing the CAM versions and runtime target support associated with each workbench.

Workbench Type/Version CAM3 Target 3
CAM 5 Target 5
SCADAPack IEC 61131-3 WB 6.3 Yes Yes No No
SCADAPack E IEC 61131-3 WB 6.3 No No Yes Yes
ISaGRAF WB 3.55 (Legacy) N/A Yes N/A N/A
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