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What is the maximum allowable MPPT imbalance on Conext CL25000NA?

60% 40% unbalanced MPPT input capability allows for asymmetrical loading from panels installed on size of rooftops or with different orientation (i.e., east, west..)

This is reflected in the Max power per MPPT spec in the manual, which is 15900W. That means the designer may have 15.9kW on one MPPT and 10.6kW on the other. 
The total of the two MPPTs equals the nominal DC power of 26.5k as specified in the manual.

The maximum power of an array connected to each MPPT must not exceed
11400 W (for the Conext CL 18000NA inverter) or 15900 W (for the Conext
CL 25000NA inverter).
Failure to follow these instructions can result in equipment damage.
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