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What values are stored in the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary registers for each Accutech wireless field unit type?

Accutech wireless field units have registers for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary process values. Please note that not all field unit types use all three process output values.
Field Unit Primary Secondary Tertiary
AP10 Pressure (PSI) Not Used (N/A) Not Used (N/A)
AM10 Ultrasound (0 to 255) Temperature (deg C) Not Used (N/A)
DP10/DP20 Pressure - DP Not Used (N/A) Unit Code
- Orifice Flow - Flow Not Used (N/A) Unit Code
- Open Channel Flow - Flow Not Used (N/A) Unit Code
- Fluid Level Not Used (N/A) Unit Code
FL10 Top Level (Inches) Bottom Level (Inches) Temperature (deg F)
GL10 Pressure (User Configured) Not Used (N/A) Unit Code
GP10 Pressure (PSI) Not Used (N/A) Not Used (N/A)
AI10 Analog Input 1 (mA) Analog Input 2 (mA) Not Used (N/A)
AV10 Analog Input 1 (V) Analog Input (V) Not Used (N/A)
RT10 Temperature (deg C) Not Used (N/A) Not Used (N/A)
SI10 Switch 1 (Counts or State) Switch 2 (Counts or State) Not Used (N/A)
SL10 Pressure (User configured) Not Used (N/A) Unit Code
TC10 Temperature (deg C) Temperature (deg C) Not Used (N/A)
TM10 Flow Rate (gallons/minute) Total Flow (gallons) Not Used (N/A)
VC10 Pressure (PSI) Pulse Count on Switch 1 Not Used (N/A)

In general, the units for each field unit are fixed, despite the fact that you can change the units being displayed on the field unit display or in Accutech Manager. The exceptions to this are the DP10/DP20, the GL10 and the SL10, which can be used to measure different values such as Flow, Level or Pressure.
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