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Licensing a ViewX client with a license file


This article explains how to match up and install a ViewX license file in the associated ViewX client PC.


1) Take the license file and open it (using notepad or Wordpad).  You should see something like the screen shot below (note the 'MachineID' string)

2) On the ViewX client PC click on the Windows Start button and navigate to All Programs | Schneider Electric | StuxureWare SCADA Expert | ClearSCADA | Configure Connections.  The ClearSCADA Client dialog should open as shown below.

3) Click the 'Licenses' button (circled in red above).  The 'Client Licensing' dialog should appear as shown below.  Look at the Machine ID field.

4) The machine ID in this dialog should match the license file machine ID.  If they do not match, you will need to check if another license file is available until you find the one that matches.  Once you find the matching license file click on the box with the 3 dots next to the license file field (as shown below)

5) Navigate to the location of the license file and then click the 'Open' button

6) If the license installation was successful the 'License Mode' field should read "File based client license" and the 'Validity' field should read "Valid"
    (Note: you may need to hit either the 'Apply' or 'Refresh' button first)

7) Repeat these steps above for any other ViewX clients until all have been successfully licensed.

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