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Installation Instructions - Shunt Trip MX, Undervoltage Trip MN - Powerpact H, J, L Circuit Breakers (Unit Mount and I-line)

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Attached are instructions for installing a Shunt Trip MX or Undervoltage Trip MN in Powerpact H, J and L Circuit Breakers (Unit Mount and I-line).
These instructions apply to the following kits:

Shunt Trip - AC
S29384 (24Vac)
S29385 (48Vac)
S29386 (110-140Vac)
S29387 (220-240Vac)
S29388 (380-480Vac)
S29389 (525-600Vac)

Shunt Trip - DC
S29382 (12Vdc)
S29390 (24Vdc)
S29391 (30Vdc)
S29392 (48Vdc)
S29383 (60Vdc)
S29393 (125Vdc)
S29394 (250Vdc)

Undervoltage Trip - AC
S29404 (24Vac)
S29405 (48Vac)
S29406 (110-130Vac)
S29407 (208-277Vac)
S29408 (380-480Vac)
S29409 (525-600Vac)

Undervoltage Trip - DC
S29402 (12Vdc)
S29410 (24Vdc)
S29411 (30Vdc)
S29412 (48Vdc)
S29403 (60Vdc)
S29413 (125Vdc)
S29414 (250Vdc)
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