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What is the difference between an LV429386 and an S29386?

When the S29386 Shunt Trip kit is purchased, the kit that is received has a marking of LV429386. What is the difference? Are they the same thing?

Product Line:
Powerpact H, J, L Frame Circuit Breakers
The LV429386 and S29386 are both Shunt Trip Kits rated 110-130Vac. The kits have the same physical shunt trip coil. The only difference is with the installation instructions.
  • The instructions for the LV are written for Compact NSX breakers (document GHD16273AA-07)
  • The instructions for the S are written for Powerpact breakers (document 48940-229-01)
Since it is the Powerpact breakers that are marketed in the US and Canada, we simply repackage an LV429386 kit with the S instructions, and sell it as kit number S29386.
For comparison of the instructions, see the attached documents.
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