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What is the part number for the Battery Temp Sensor (BTS) for my Xantrex or Solar product?

Customer is searching for a replacement part number for a BTS.

Product Line:
Conext XW+, Conext XW, Conext SW, Trace Inverters, Legacy Products

All Xantrex and Schneider Solar product groups.

BTS has become damage or misplaced.

Product Family Xantrex Part Number
Conext XW, Conext SW, TR, Truecharge2*, XC chargers*, FSW2000* 808-0232-01
Trace SW, CR*, DR, RV*, C series 130-0004-01-01
Trucharge20+/40+*, Prosine 3.0* 808-0231
RS/MS*, RV/GS series*, FSW3000*, FSW2012*, FSW3012*, Prosine 2.0* 809-0946
FDM 458* / FDM Marine* 76-0022-00

*Mobile product; for mobile support please contact Xantrex mobile division at (800) 670-0707 option #2.
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