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Conext SW torque specifications for DC and AC switchgears

Torque requirements for wiring a CSW system.

Conext SW AC Switchgear and DC Switchgear

The torque specifications for the AC and DC switchgear are not readily apparent in the installation guide for either product or the CSW.  There is a sticker on the interior of these products detailing torque.


For the connections for the battery terminals of the CSW inverter:

Make sure the supplied nuts on the inverter/charger are tightened to a torque of 10–11 ft-lbs (13.5–14.9 Nm). Torque all other connections to the manufacturer’s specifications.

For all other connections:
Tightening Torque
Wire Gauge in*lb mm2 N*m
14 - 10 35 2.08 - 5.26 4.0
8 40 8.36 4.5
6 - 4 45 13.29 - 21.14 5.1
3 - 2/0 50 26.65 - 67.40 5.6
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