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Why is my Conext CL is showing warning 4657?

Conext CL is showing "Warning 4657"

Product Line:
Conext CL

Conext CL with two separate array PV inputs.

PV voltage is lower than the nominal operating limits at the PV2 input terminal

This error is most commonly seen in systems that are set to single MPPT mode. Clear this warning by changing to dual MPPT mode with the following method:
  1. On the front of the unit, use the buttons to navigate away from the Home screen to Settings, and press Enter
  2. Scroll down to Install Settings and press Enter
  3. Input the password, 1234, and press Enter
  4. Scroll to MPPT Settings, which is on the second page, and press enter
  5. Change MPPT INPUTS from 1 to 2
If the error persists, contact technical support for further troubleshooting options.
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