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What can I use to change the settings on devices in my Conext system?

Customer would like to know what devices can be used to change settings in a Conext system.

Product Line:
Conext XW+, Conext SW, Conext XW

All models


The three primary options for changing settings in a Conext system are a Conext System Control Panel, Conext ComBox, or Conext Configuration Tool.
  • The System Control Panel (SCP) is a graphical display that communicates over the Xanbus network and is local to the system.
  • The ComBox is a network enabled device that allows remote changes to the system through a TCP/IP network connection and web browser on a computer.
  • The Config Tool is a Xanbus to USB adapter that allows a computer to communicate with a Conext system through the XW Config software
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