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Trio Q & J Radio Multi-Use Serial Port Wiring


Both the Trio Q and Trio J radios have a multi-use serial port. Each radio features a 9 pin miniature D-Shell (DE-9) female connector that supports two individual serial port connections.

Typical use case for the J (unlicensed 900Mhz/2.4Ghz) or Q (licensed 400Mhz) radios will be Ethernet communications, yet for legacy applications, a Modbus Gateway (Modbus TCP to RTU protocol converter), Modbus Serial Device Server (Modbus RTU in TCP) may be configured on the serial port. A serial port may also be configured as a TUI (Text User Interface) for configuration/diagnostics. The TUI diagnostics is useful on systems suffering from high error rates as it provides a basic high speed interface.

Serial port configuration is accomplished with a web browser and the default IP address of both radios is Details of how to configure each radio’s serial port for your application can be found in the Q or J radio documentation installed with TVew+.

Serial Port A & B (J series Radio)

Data Port A uses pins 2 & 3 with pin 5 as the common ground*
Data Port B uses pins4 & 6 with pin 5 as the common ground*

  RS-232 Mode
Pin Name Input / Output
1 Not Used ---
2 Port A RxD Output
3 Port A TxD Input
4 Port B TxD (Diags) Input
5 GND ---
6 Port B RxD (Diags) Output
7 Not Used ---
8 Not Used ---
9 RSSI / General Purpose Pin Output

* There is no option for RS-485 connections with the J Series radio.

COM Port 1 & 2  (Q series Radio)

COM 1 uses pins 2,3,7 & 9 with pin 5 as the common ground
COM 2 uses pins 4 & 6 with pin 5 as the common ground

  RS-232 Mode RS-485 Mode
Pin Name Input / Output Name Input / Ouput
1 COM 1 DCD Output Not Used ---
2 COM 1 RxD Output B / Z (Inverting) Input / Output
3 COM 1 TxD Input A / Y (Non-Inverting) Input / Output
4 COM 2 TxD Input Not Used ---
5 GND --- Not Used ---
6 COM 2 RxD Output Not Used ---
7 COM 1 RTS Input Not Used ---
8 COM 1 CTS Output Not Used ---
9 RSSI Output RSSI Output

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