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What are the ONLY repair parts available for the CHOM1632M100GC Series S04?

Repair parts

Product Line:
CHOM Load Center

Repair parts


Below are the ONLY Field replaceable parts for this load center:

White cover - CHOMC21MC
Main Breaker Service Barrier - 4055952802 (BUT this barrier requires the Service Label part #4027051601, to be attached BEFORE shipping from the plant)
Main Breaker - QOM100VHL
Keps nut for mounting Main Breaker - 2342702001 (2 required)
Bag Assembly - EAV11664 (This bag contains 2 mounting screws(#4020515801) for the MB Service Barrier and 2 Filler plates for branch openings in the deadfront trim)
Ground lug and mounting screw - 4025101652(Lug), 4020594301(mounting screw). (This ground lug mounts directly to the inside back of the enclosure, above the interior and behind the service barrier)
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