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What is the input capacitance of the MPPT 60 150?

The customer is using a lithium ion battery bank with a battery management system (BMS) and needs to know the in-rush current from the MPPT 60 150

Product Line:
MPPT 60 150

MPPT 60 150 Charge Controller used with Lithium Ion battery banks

The input capacitance of the MPPT 60 150 is 13200uF.

When lithium ion batteries are used with XW/SW inverter/chargers and it's accessories, we require that the customer have a BMS for the bank.  If there is a large in-rush current, then it may be possible for the contactors in the BMS to open prematurely.  Knowing the input capacitance will help installers with the design of any necessary precharge circuits.
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