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How do I create a historic view to look at a points daily maximum value?

ClearSCADA allows a user to create historic views.  A historic view is a user configured table that can be queried.  These tables may contain one or more of a number of different algorithms (i.e. average, delta, minimum, maximum, start, end, total, sum, etc).
This article will detail the steps to create a historic view which will determine the maximum daily value over the period of one year.  The historic view may be created as follows:

1) Right-click on the server icon and select ‘Configuration’

2) Navigate to the SQL Query Configuraiton folder and click on Historic Views

3) There are already several ‘pre-made’ historic views available for use.  To create the new historic view right-click in the open white space below the existing historic views and click on ‘add historic view’

4) An ‘Add Historic View’ dialog will appear.  Configure the dialog as follows:

5) Once finished move over to ViewX.  Find a point that has multiple daily values stored to history.  For the point of this exercise a point with ID = 1836 was created with multiple daily values stored to history.  The historic list and trend for this point look like this:

6) Now, in ViewX create a new mimic and then create a list object on the mimic.  Double-click on the list object and enter the following into the ‘Query’ tab:
(Note: this query uses ID = 1836 as that is the object ID of the point in question)

7) After running the query above the following will be returned in the list

Note that only the maximum value on each day is returned to the list.The other values are ignored.

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