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Setting up the KR900/KR240 radio with RS485 communications

Tools Required:
  • Hex bit screwdriver size M4x20mm
  • Torque requirement: 65Ncm
 1. Remove the Lid of the K Series radio 

2. Locate the 5 Jumpers at the rear of the K Series main PCB. These jumpers are covered by a plastic retaining clip and labelled X10, X7, X6, X8 and X13. 

3. Remove the Retaining Clip.
4. To convert Port A to RS-485 mode, the first 4 jumpers need to be moved to the RS-485 position (X10, X7, X6
and X8) as noted at the top of the group of jumpers.X13 provides a facility for terminated or unterminated
RS-485. In a multi-drop arrangement, unterminated is the normal connection.
5. Install back Retaining Clip. This ensures that the links are secured in position.
6. Install back the Die case plate or Lid with torque of 65Ncm.
7. Apply power to the radio and open Tview + Management Suite software.
8. Select K series programmer and use advance connection.
9. Click on Advance button below port A handshaking. Enable RS485 mode.

10. Continue configuring the K Series radio and then Write configurations.
11. Port A pinouts and cable.

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