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Controlling a point in ClearSCADA Mobile

This article describes the steps to take in order to control a point (analog or digital) in the ClearSCADA database using ClearSCADA mobile.

Follow these steps to control a point from ClearSCADA mobile:

1) In the ClearSCADA configurator go to Global Settings.  Right-click and select 'Update Settings'.  Set the 'Controls Allowed' field to 'Yes'

2) As per the ClearSCADA mobile help manual (search 'control' in the ClearSCADA Mobile - Administration Guide), add the MobileControlsAllowed metadata field and label

3) On the 'Identification' tab of the point (analog or digital), check the 'Mobile Controls Allowed' checkbox.

4) Create a 'Mobile Display' object in ViewX

5) On the mobile device, go to the 'Displays' area to control each point

6) Verify the changes on the mimic in ViewX or WebX

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