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Is There a Recommendation For Higher Capacity Shunts That Can Be Used With The Conext Battery Monitor?

Does Schneider have any recommendations for higher capacity shunts with the battery monitor?

Battery Monitor with a large DC system

Product Family
Conext Battery Monitor

Current shunt is rated too low, and/or seems to be getting too hot while inverting or charging.  

Below is a table from the Battery Monitor Owner's Guide recommending Deltec shunts for various capacities.  

The shunt that comes with the Battery Monitor is rated for 350A continuously and 500A for up to 5 minutes.  Always use shunts that are scaled to 50 mV or 60 mV at rated current. Check with the manufacturer's data sheet to select the shunt rating. Select a shunt with an overcurrent margin of 25% over its rated current capacity, as matched to the continuous peak current expected on the system.
Manufacturer Model Number Capacity
Deltec MKB-250-50 250A
Deltec MKB-500-50 500A
Deltec MKC-750-50 750A
Deltec MKC-1000-50 1000A
Deltec MKC-1200-50 1200A
Deltec SWE-1500-50 1500A
Deltec SWE-2000-50 2000A
Deltec SWE-3000-50 3000A
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