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On Masterpact Molded Case Switches, can coms be used to remotely monitor the contact status (open/closed) and the position of the switch in the cradle (disconnected/test/connected)?

Product Line:
Smart Systems
Circuit Breakers

Masterpact NT and NW drawout Automatic Molded Case Switches (UL and ANSI)
Masterpact NT and NW drawout Non-Automatic Molded Case Switches (ANSI)

Yes, this can be done for the above molded case switches products. The BCM can still be mounted with its status switches to give open/closed, and the IO module will receive the cradle status from the cell position switches to give disconnected/test/connected.
An IFE (gives IP address) will be needed for Ethernet communications, or an IFM (sets the Modbus address) will be needed for Modbus communications.
This setup will not be automatically discovered by Ecoreach, PowerView webpages, or the FDM128 because there is no trip unit.  However, the Modbus registers can be directly polled with whichever supervisory software is being used.
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