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Why is my Conext CL displaying an arc fault alert?

Why is my Conext CL displaying an arc fault alert?

Product Line:
Conext CL 3-phase grid-tie inverters

Conext CL with arc fault detection (wiring box 201 or 301)

The Conext CL is showing an arc fault alert, but none was detected in the PV array

First and foremost, be sure to differentiate between the two types of arc fault alerts:

1. Error code 709 - the unit has detected an arc fault condition
2. Error code 704 - the unit has determined that the arc fault detector is malfunctioning or improperly installed

To check these error codes, navigate to the Event Log menu and check for Active Services.
In either case, be sure that the correct wiring box is selected and the AFD/SPD harness is plugged in. This should solve most cases of error code 704.

If the fault code is 709, it should mean an arc fault was detected, but it can also be the result of other conditions:

1. Nuisance trips have been known to occur in firmware revisions 2.5.10 and below; check the Inverter Info menu for the current firmware on your unit.
2. Intermittent arc fault trips have been traced back to faulty wiring; ensure all DC connections are perfect, including the connection between the wiring box and the inverter. Also check the 1-4 connections on the AFD for proper seating, and check the light on the AFD itself.

If you're sure there is no arc fault in the system, and none of these solutions clear the fault, contact technical support at (866) 519-1470 for further troubleshooting.
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