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FFTK -- Trip indication on a Micrologic 6.0A/P/H trip unit is Ig regardless of the function being tested

Product Line:
Powerpact P, R, and Masterpact breakers with Micrologic trip units

This is because of the way the FFTK tests the trip unit.  The FFTK detects a trip by the drop in supply voltage (since the trip unit diverts it all to the trip solenoid).  With PI testing as with in service, when the breaker trips the signal goes away and the indication is correct.  But with the FFTK, the test signal can still be applied after the trip unit initially sends the trip signal causing multiple protection functions to react.  The Ig light is last to react and therefore is the light that is latched on.  
If the FFTK says the the breaker passes, it passes.
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