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Can you replace a Q2L main breaker, on a NQOD panel, with the QBL,QDL, or QGL breaker?

Are the QB,QD,QGL breakers suitable for replacing the Q2L main breaker, on a NQOD panel?

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NQOD Panelboards


Technically they fit, however, the UL listing on the NQODQ2 is strictly for Q2 frame breakers. It is possible they will void UL using the powerpact Q frame breakers in them. It will be up
to the panel owner/installer to determine if UL is an issue. When we made the breaker change, it was recommended to replace the NQODQ2 with the NQODQB which was specifically for
the Powerpact breakers but those are now obsolete as well. We no longer offer any main breaker kits for the NQOD panelboards. If a main breaker kit is required for replacing the main,
upgrade to current style NQ panelboard.
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