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What type of incoming connections are offered for QED-2 series Quick Connect Generator Switchboards

QED-2 Quick Connect Generator Switchboards offer two different type of connections for temporary power cables.
(1.) Mechanical Screw-set lugs rated for Copper conductors are provided. Each lug terminal is rated at 400 Amps.
(2.) Additional Quick Connect receptacle terminals are also provided. The Quick Connect terminals utilize a Hubbell Female connector receptacle with a ½” threaded stud which is installed and provided. Each terminal is rated for 400 Amps.
(3.) The quantity of Mechanical Screw set lugs and Quick Connect terminals provided depend on the ampacity of the Generator Switchboard.
(4.) The Mechanical Screw-set lugs and the Quick Connect terminals are intended for use with type “W” cable. Type “W” cable is commonly used as temporary cable for connecting motors, batteries and generators.
For more information, please download and reference data bulletin, 4620DB0701R7/08.
Data Bulletin 4620DB0701R7/08
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