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Updating Firmware on Obsolete 16 bit SCADAPacks (including SCADAPack Plus, SCADAPack Light and Micro 16 controllers)

This Technical Note describes the hardware requirements for updating firmware on obsolete SCADAPack models that include the 5203 & 5204 CPU boards (SCADAPacks from 2004 and earlier). The 5203 contains 2 RS-232 communication ports and the 5204 contains 1 RS-485 port and 1 RS-232 communication port. Both hardware boards where manufactured as part of SCADAPack, SCADAPack Light, SCADPack Plus and Micro 16 models.

Board Layout

Older versions of the 5203/5204 board has a place for 4 40-pin integrated circuits. These are labelled as U13, U14, U15 and U10 from left to right. There are also 2 jumper pins J3 and J4. These components determine the flash and RAM that is currently installed on the SCADAPack. In order to update the firmware on a 5203/5204 board to the latest released version, the SCADAPack must have 1024 bytes of RAM (OS & APP) installed.


Determining Installed RAM

U15 & U10 along with the jumper pins J3 and J4 determine how much RAM is installed. These chips can range from 128K - 512k each. Refer to to the table below to determine how much RAM is installed.
Total RAM OS RAM (U10) Jumper J4 APP RAM (U15) Jumper J3
256k 128k Right 128k Right
640k 128k Right 512k Left
1024k 512k Left 512k Left
512k 512k Left 0 Left
640k 512k Left 128k Right

If jumpers J3 and J4 are currently in the "Right" position, then you will need to update one or both of the RAM chips in U15 and U10. Contact your Schneider Electric Telemetrey & Remote SCADA Solutions Sales representative for part numbers and pricing or email

Firmware vs. Installed RAM

If the RAM installed is less than 1024K (i.e. anything but 1024k), then firmware version 1.65 is the highest that can run on the controller. Please contact Technical Support at to obtain firmware version 1.65.

If you are updating a SCADAPack with the latest version of Realflo, IEC-61131 programming environment or simply updating the firmware, then ensure you have both U15 and U10 chips installed and they are both 512K

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