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How Can I Determine if my Accutech Base Radio is equipped with ModBUS Capabilities?

Current Versions of Base Radios

  • All models of BR20 (Din Rail mounted) base radios are equipped with ModBUS.
  • Current model numbers of the BR10 (NEMA 4X enclosure) TBUABR10-xxxxxxx are equipped with ModBUS.

Previous Versions

Model AC-BR10 (similar to the current TBUARBR10 models)

BR10 with ModBUS would have a model number similar to AC-BR10-TX21N00, where the 1 indicates ModBUS is available. A model number similar to AC-BR10-TX20N00, with a zero, would indicate no ModBUS capabilities are available on this model.

Model WI-BR (similar to the current TBUARBR10 models)

A different model number scheme was used when Adaptive Wireless had the Accutech product line.
A model number such as WI-BR-I-XP-MOD would have been enabled with ModBUS. A model number that does NOT have -MOD may or may not have ModBUS.

If -MOD is not listed in the model number, you will then need to have a look at the circuit boards inside the base radio. A WI-BR with three boards would have ModBUS, whereas there would be no ModBUS capabilities if only two boards were present.

WI-BR with ModBUS (3 boards present)

WI-BR without ModBUS (2 boards present)

If you have a Base Radio without Modbus and wish to enable it, the upgrade would be more expensive than purchasing a new radio. It is not a cost-effective upgrade and can not be performed.

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