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Video: How is the IP address set in a TeSys T LTMR controller?

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TeSys T Motor Management System

There are a few ways to set the IP address in an LTMR__E_ device: Using SoMove software (video tutorial below), Using the handheld LTMCU device, and Using a BootP server.

  1. Using SoMove software:
    1. Make sure the ones dial of the TeSys T is set to "stored" and power the device
    2. Connect to your TeSys T via the Modbus Serial HMI port (using the TCSMCNAM3M002P modbus serial to USB cable) 
    3. Once connected in SoMove go to the "parameter list" tab 
    4. From here selection "communication" from the list on the left hand side of the screen
    5. The first option should be "Ethernet IP address setting", to the right of this under "Value" input your IP address
    6. Once you have done this, disconnect SoMove from your TeSys T and power cycle to save your new network settings.
  2. Using the handheld LTMCU device
    1. Power the device and plug your LTMCU into the Modbus Serial HMI port using your VW3A1104R10 or VW3A1104R30 cable
    2. From the home screen use the right hand white dot button to click the "home" symbol
    3. You will then use the left hand squiggle to scroll down until you have highlighted the "services" option, use the center white dot to click "OK" 
    4. Once here again use the left hand scroll key to scroll down until you have now highlighted the "network" option, use the center white dot to click "OK" 
    5. You will now see "network settings", click "OK" again
    6. Now you will see "IP address" highlighted, click "OK"
    7. You can now use the left and right scroll key to increase or decrease the value you have highlighted, and the right hand white dot to move on to the next character, once you have input your IP address using these buttons click "OK". 
    8. In order to save your network settings you should now power cycle your TeSys T device
  3. Using a BootP server
    1. In order to set the TeSys T IP address using a BootP server first make sure your ones dials on the front of the TeSys T is set to "BootP". 
    2. Once this is done Power on the device. 
    3. Use your BootP to send an IP address to the device (save this IP address).
    4. Once you have sent an IP address to your TeSys T set the ones dial to stored.
    5. Again you will have to power cycle the device in order to save your network settings.

NOTE: Setting an IP address in the TeSys T that is duplicated elsewhere on the network will create a Network Settings Fault. If you have set an IP address and experience this fault please verify that the IP address is not already in use elsewhere (an easy way to check this is to try a different IP address and see if the fault remains). 
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