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Video: For the new TeSys T module with Ethernet IP is there anything that needs to be done to enable EIP communications in SoMove?

How to enable EtherNet IP communication on the TeSys T 

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TeSys T Motor Management Controller 

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Would like to communicate over EtherNet IP network 

There are two ways to enable EtherNet IP communications. 
Using the HMI (LTMCU) during first set up you can select the communication protocol. As a default the communication protocol is set to Modbus TCP, this can be changed to EtherNet IP only in the First Setup Menu.
In order to use EtherNet IP communications, outside of the first setup menu, you must first connect to the TeSys T over SoMove using the Modbus serial connection.
Once you have connected to the device go to the "device" drop down menu across the top toolbar. 
In this drop down menu select "command" and then from this menu select "enter config" 

You are now in configuration mode which will allow you to modify parameters that you cannot modify when the TeSys T is in the "ready" state.
 Next select the "Parameter List" tab, and then click "communication" in the list on the left hand side of the screen. 
From here you will scroll down to the "Communication configuration" list and then go to the "Network Protocol" parameter. 
The default setting will be "Modbus/TCP" if you double click on this value an arrow for a drop down menu will appear, click on this and select "EtherNet/IP".
To make sure that this change saves you can click away from this box, if it still says EtherNet/IP the setting is saved, if not repeat the above step.

Once this is done you will need to exit configuration mode. 
Go back up to the "device" drop down menu in the top toolbar, and then go down to "Command". 
In the "Command" drop down menu select "Exit Config". 

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