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How to correct the Sensor Alert issue on FL10 accutech wireless?

Conditions that will trigger Sensor Alert issue on FL10.
  1. No Float detected or only one float detected in a two float configuration (floats might be too high or too low on a level stick; or the number of floats configuration is incorrect).
  2. Misalighment of floats. Align the white stripe on the float with the white stripe on the tube. If monitoring two levels, install the float labeled water towads the bottom of the sensor.
  3. unable to read the position of the float.
  4. invalid response to configuration command.
  5. float configuration does not match the hardware configuration.
  6. Float level value is negative.
  • An open circuit is detected in the transducer circuit; i.e. no current gets through to the transducer. The sensor circuit is not activated and consequently no real values are read.
In setting up the RU Flex float sensor, make sure that the number of floats is set to High Resolution.

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