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What causes the surge counter on the SPD to count?

What causes the surge counter to count?

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Surge Protection Devices.

Surgelogic Surge Protection Devices.

The surge protector surge counter is counting.

What activates the surge counter is when voltage rises up to the activation voltage value of the SPD (Surge Protective Device) MOVs (metal oxide varistors). A 120V MOV activates (turns on) at 150V line to neutral and or 150V line to ground. If the electrical system does receive a transient surge at or above 150V line to ground or line to neutral, then the surge counter will count that event as a surge. For example, if you have a 120V sine wave with electrical line noise that reaches the 150V threshold but carries very little current will increment the surge counter each time it's exceeded. This electrical noise is most likely generated by a device or devices that are running in the facility, not from the utility.
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