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How are +/- speeds set up on the ATV32 or ATV320 Drive?

How is Plus Minus Speed set up on ATV32 or ATV320 Drive?

Product Line:
ATV32, ATV320



Set up the drive as follows:
Wire one side of your minus switch to the +24v terminal and the other side of the minus switch to a logic input (example DI5)
Wire one side of your plus switch to the +24v terminal and  the other side of the plus switch to a logic input (example DI6) 

Then program the drive as follows:
CTL menu:
RFC= Fr2 (Ref 2 switching set to Ch2 active)
FR2= UPdt (Ref 2 channel set to + and - speed control)
FUn menu:
UPd + /- speeds
USP= + speed input for DI5 or you can choose your logic input assignment.
dSP=  - speed input for DI6 or you can choose your logic input assignment.
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