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How to reset the password on a SoMachine PLC?

1) If you know the password, connect to PLC on-line and in "Online" menu from Logic builder use "Reset origin" command
Effects of the Reset Origin Command:
The application stops.
Forcing is erased.
All user files (Boot application, data logging, Post Configuration) are erased.
Diagnostic indications for errors are reset.
The values of the retain variables are reset.
The values of the retain-persistent variables are reset.
All non-located and non-remanent variables are reset.
The values of the first 1000 %MW registers are reset to 0.
The values of %MW1000 to %MW59999 registers are reset to 0.
All fieldbus communications are stopped.
Embedded Expert I/O are reset to their previous user-configured default values.
All other I/O are reset to their initialization values.

2) If you don´t know the password, update firmware using SD card
Follow these steps to update the firmware by an SD card (example for M241):
   a) Extract the .zip file to the root of the SD card. NOTE: The SD card folder \sys\cmd\ contains the download script file. Format could be FAT or FAT32.
   b) Remove power from the controller.
   c) Insert the SD card into the controller.
   d) Restore power to the controller. NOTE: The SD LED (green) is flashing during the operation.
   e) Wait until the end of the download (theSD LED is solid green):
       - In case of a detected error, the SD LED is turned off, and the ERR (red) and I/O (red) LEDs begin flashing.
       - If the download ended successfully, the ERR LED (red) is flashing regularly, and the SD LED (green) is steady ON.
   f) Remove the SD card from the controller. Result: The controller restarts automatically with new firmware if the download ended successfully.
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