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How to modify program in old TeleSAFE 6000 controller?

The TeleSAFE 6000 is programmed in BASIC. Here are the steps required to modified program in the TeleSAFE 6000 RTU (Rehearsing following steps first on a unit that is not in production.)
  1. Place the process controlled by the device into a safe state. The steps below will stop the control program and modify it. Depending on the program it may be necessary to reinitialize or start up the process after the modifications. Consult the documentation for the program.
  2. Connect a null-modem cable between the COM1 on the upper right of the TeleSAFE 6000 and the serial port on the PC.
  3. Run terminal software (ProComm, HyperTerminal, Putty, etc.) on the PC.
  4. Set the terminal software baud rate, etc. to match the TeleSAFE 6000. The default settings were 9600 baud, no parity, 8 data bits. The settings on this TeleSAFE 6000 may be different.
  5. Set the terminal software to buffer or capture text that is typed. The procedure to do this will vary based on the software used. This is necessary so you can scroll back through the information displayed to view the TeleSAFE 6000 program listing.
  6. Stop the control program by pressing Ctrl-C.
  7. Observe that OK is displayed on the terminal. If this doesn’t happen, then the baud rate, etc. are likely incorrect. Change the settings and try again.
  8. Type LIST and press Enter.
  9. The BASIC program will be listed and scroll up the screen. Wait until it stops scrolling.
  10. At this point, you can type CONT to resume the operation of the program. Once changes are made in the following steps you will have to run and debug the program changes. If program operation is resumed, you will have to type Ctrl-C to stop it again before making changes.
  11. Search through the program to find the line that needs to be changed. It will probably include text like “ATDT” followed by a phone number.
  12. Re-type the line exactly as it is shown in the listing, changing the area code as needed.
  13. Type RUN to start the control program.
  14. Test, test, test.
  15. Restore the system to normal operation.
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