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Cannot close breaker/BP switch - GCDSP shows Loss of Communication - GC200E Red Tripped LED is ON steady, pressing reset does nothing

This describes the situation - 
A Bolted Pressure Switch has tripped, cannot get it to close. 
On the equipment, the GCDSP display shows loss of comms.
On the GC200E ground fault relay:
-Green light (power) is steady ON
-Amber light (ZSI restrained) is steady ON
-Red light (tripped) is steady ON
All downstream loads have been turned off.
On the GC200E, pressing the Reset button to the right of the red light does nothing.

Product Line:
Ground Fault Devices

Applies to GC200 ground fault relay devices, and GCDSP ground fault display

As described in the above issue, this can happen if there is an issue with incoming power such as a surge. The solution is to "reboot" the GC200. Here is how that should be done:
-Make sure all downstream loads are OFF
-Wear proper PPE protective gear
-Remove power feeding the GC200. The power is on terminals 25 and 27.
-Wait about 3 minutes.
-Reapply power to the GC200. 
-After a minute, check the GCDSP, it should no longer show loss of communication. If the display includes instructions on how to reset the relay, then follow those instructions. It should turn OFF the red tripped light.
-If the red tripped light on the GC200 is red steady ON, press the reset button to the right of it, and it should turn the light OFF.
-Once the red light is off, close the main switch.
-Wait a couple of minutes to make sure it does not trip again.
-If it does not trip, one by one re-apply downstream loads. Keep in mind the there could be a ground fault in one of the loads. If there is, it could trip the main. Isolate and fix that ground fault.
-Once all load are back on, with no tripping, the issue is resolved.
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