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How to connect HEW4 Debugger with SCADAPack 32 CPU using E10A USB Emulator?

1. Install the latest version of Renesas HEW4 software. 

2. Install E10A USB debgger software with options shown below:

3. Verified that the switch settings of the E10A USB Emulator when using SH-3 Series 14-pin interface is SW1=1, SW2=0 and SW3=1.

4. In the HEW4 create TelePACE or ISaGRAF project type and for the configuration and session selected below shown option:\

5. Verify and ensure that debugger settings is as shown below:

6. Connect E10A USB Emulator and cable to SP32:

7. Click on connect icon and follow the steps. Once connection with SP32 CPU is established message Connected will be displayed as shown below:

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