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Why there is no communication with the inverter remotely?

The remote monitoring with the site worked except this one inverter.
Product Line:
Loose connection, defective communication devices

If using Modbus:
1. Verify the communication ethernet cable comming from exterior is in good condition.
2. Verify that the inverter has the correct Modbus address and settigns in the keypad.
If using IP address:
First, perform LOTO to make sure all energy in the inverter is zero.
1. Check to see if you can ping the Gateway device EGX100. If you cannot ping the device, then make sure that the IP address matched the EGX100. If it is matched, then the EGX100 might be defective.
2. Verify the dip switches bellow the EGX100 are in the same position as all the others.
3. If you could ping the EGX100 then check the connection at the CMX2 Board. It is in the DC cabinet door (left hand side).
4. If all checked out fine and still no communication, then call into the customer call center number 866-519-1470 and select option 3 & 3 to open a new case.
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