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Does our NEMA 8502/8536 have Arc Flash Rating?

Does our NEMA 8502/8536 have Arc Flash Rating?

Product Line:
Type S Full Voltage Contactors and Starters

North American Products

Each Motor starter panel will be labeled as required in NFPA 70-2005 Article 409 (Industrial Control Panels) and NFPA 70E-2004 (Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace) including labeling of the "Arc Flash Boundary and the "in-the-box" incident energy (ca l/cm2) calculated at 18" from the potential arc source.

The arc flash boundary and incident energy are dependent on where in the electrical system (in the broadest definition) the box is installed.  The manufacturer cannot begin to guess at those values.  And, this is a field required marking per the Code.  We don't have a requirement to supply it. 
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