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How are the dials on the REXL relays set?

How do we set the REXL timing range? 

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Installation and Setup 

On the REXL we feature two dials. The dial settings are as follows: 

Dial 1: The dial on the bottom of the relay is a 7-position timing range selector:
     (0.1-1 s)         (1-10 s)        (0.1-1 min)
     (1-10 min)      (0.1-1 h)       (1-10 h)       
     (10-100 h) 
Dial 2: The dial on the front of the relay is the selection for adjustment of the time
   delay, graduated in % of range max.

To set the Adjustment of the Time Delay:
  • Select the timing range immediately greater than the time required, using dial 1
  • Using selector dial 2, select  the required timing value as a % of setting on switch 1.
For example: if the timing range required is 30 minutes we would set dial 1 to .1-1h, and dial 2 to 50%

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