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How to upgrade BCM firmware.

What are the prerequisites and connection methods to upgrade the BCM firmware.  Advice on 4 wire modbus systems.

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Breaker digital systems  breaker communication module (BCM)


1.  BCM's must be in 2W+ULP mode to update FW.  Therefore only grey connector versions (newer) can be updated.  The green connector version (older) cannot be updated because they don't have ULP mode option.  If your application uses BCM in 4 wire mode, switch back to 4W mode when FW update is finished.
2.  A newer P or H trip unit with FW of 2010AK or higher to change the BCM mode to 2W+ULP.

There are four recommended ways to update the BCM firmware:
1.  Ecoreach software, PC with Ethernet connection.  Use this method when the BCM is ULP wired directly to IFE, IFE switchboard server, or to a IFM connected to IFE switch board server or EGX.

2. Ecoreach software, PC, UTA ULP connection.  Use this method when BCM is ULP connected to an IFM with no IFE.  Use open ULP connection on the IFM or FDM121.

3. Ecoreach software, PC, USB to RS485 converter, wired to the top of the IFM V1 on terminals  E1, E2,(24Vdc power, and E3 and E4 (modbus terminals).  IFM V2 requires a RJ45 connector. Use this method if no IFE or no UTA available.

4. Ecoreach software, PC, UTA with breaker ULP cable connected to BCM terminals E1, E2,(24Vdc power, and E5 and E6 (ULP terminals).  Use this method when no IFE or IFM are available.

Note: depending on your application and equipment available, you may have to setup a station outside your application, remove the BCM's, update the FW, then reinstall back into your application.

Additional resources and assistance:
See attachment for a few more details.
Schneider Electric Services can do this BCM firmware upgrade for you.  Contact them for a quotation.
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