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Video: How to select a NEMA Manual Starter using the EZ Selector

Selecting the appropriate NEMA Manual Starters & Switches for your specific application.

Product Line:
Fractional Horsepower Manual Starters with Melting Alloy Overload Protection
Manual Motor Switch for Self-Protected Motors: Horsepower Rated
Integral Horsepower Manual Starters with Melting Alloy Overload Protection

North American Products

The Manual Starter EZ Selection Tool makes it easy to choose the correct product for your application. The following video shows how quickly you can determine which NEMA manual starter meets your specifications:

Alternatively, for help when selecting a NEMA manual starter for a new installation, use the following:

(1) Our Manual Starters and Switches Selection Guide

(2) Our Online Digest. Please refer to Chapter 16 which provides selection assistance for our NEMA manual starters

(3) Further assistance is available from a local authorized Schneider Electric Distributor, using our Distributor Locator Tool.
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